Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saugerties Welness Center's Anti-Aging Program

Saugerties Wellness Center is pleased to announce their newest offering to enhance your wellness :
The Saugerties Wellness Center's Anti Aging Program has many facets geared to keep you looking healthy and improve your health. We have begun offering a multitude of services:

- Botox injections to treat forehead wrinkles,frown lines and crow's feet around the eyes.

-Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane to fill in laugh lines,marionette lines and smoker's upper lip wrinkles.

- Microdermabrasion to make your skin smoother.

-Chemical Peels to make your face look and feel silky soft.

-Mesotherapy to dissolve fat (double chins,bra strap bulges,love handles and cellulite).

-Weight loss programs designed to shed excess weight. These include an unique web based program with meal replacement shakes and discount gym memberships. We also offer HCG injections/diet for weight loss.

-Smoking Cessation program using acupuncture and other methods.

-Nutritional and Vitamin supplements not available in stores.

-Medical grade cosmetics to keep your skin healthy and supple.

-Acne treatment geared toward teens and young adults.

-Hyperhidrosis(increased underarm sweating) treatment to reduce or eliminate perspiration.

-Lip augmentation to give you natural looking full lips.

-Anti-Aging Hormonal evaluation and replacement.

Our prices are affordable and we even have payment plans to suit your budget. All procedures are physician performed.
We also have frequent special discounts on all our procedures and products.
So keep watching this blog.

Feel free to contact Dr. Ramaswami or Marie at 845-247-WELL.
One of our staff members will also be glad to assist you.

Look well...feel well!

Have a great week.

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